Friday, August 24, 2012

Santos - Old Town

I am going to divide our trip to Santos into three seperate posts. It will be easier to read.
On Thursday we took a break from Sao Paulo with another missionary couple and went to Santos. You have seen them before. We really enjoy their company. We went together and rented a car and drove to Santos which is about 60 miles away. It is on the coast and has the largest port in South America. Santos was very important in Brazil's early history. A lot of goods went in and out of Santos and they still do.

We started our visit in Old Town which is very quaint with buildings built usually in the mid 1800's.

 There is a church that was constructed in 1641.

The outside is so unassuming but the inside was spectacular.

The ceilings had paintings on them.

The walls were adorned with statuary. The whole was very impressive.

Next door to that was a Victorian train station. Dr. B remembers taking a train out of this station while on his mission.

Mike and I looking very touristy.

We walked down the street to the Coffee Exchange building.

Right in front of that building is a street that leads out of the port. Truck after truck with containers filled the street.

The back side of the building and the entrance to the Coffee Exchange museum.

This museum had a fantastic stainedglass ceiling. There are no pictures because although photographs were allowed, flash was not. I don't know how to turn off my flash on my camera. I am from the generation that only restaurants had menus. This building is across the street from the Coffee Exchange house.

We tracked down a small road way that was closed to cars. This area had several buildings that had been restored.

This blue tile building was undergoing restoration.

This street had several interesting buildings.

See anything unusual?

 There were weeds and trees growing out of this facade.

The blue you can see through the windows is sky. The building had no roof. So this shows you need to weed your building even if it is not occupied.

Walking back to the car I noticed all the houses built up the side of the hill. A very steep hill I might add. 

We then headed into the newer section of town.

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  1. The painted ceilings are glorious. Love the grassy house, but the blue tile building really caught my eye!!