Monday, August 6, 2012

Oh What Fun

Today I went on an outing with several other sister missionaries. Where did we go? I will show you. Here is the entrance door into the building. Note the lack of signage.

We went up these narrow stairs....

and at this door we rang a buzzer to be admitted. I felt like I was going to some speak easy, very covert.

Inside was an authentic quilt shop. A beautiful quilt shop.

Fabric and patterns and books, oh my!

It was interesting to note that most of the books were in English.

I embraced the fabrics and took a big whiff of new fabric. Mmmmmmmm.

Look at this bathroom. Isn't it charming?

I looked and browsed and had sticker shock. The fabric was R$54.70 a meter. OH MY indeed. That is about $27 a meter so maybe around $24 a yard.

One of the women bought a couple of books and some half meter pieces. That was the smallest cut they sold.

I was happy to look, feel and smell and then leave it all there. Luckily I have never been able to buy fabric without knowing exactly what I would do with it.

I am glad to know where this shop is in case I need another quilt shop fix.

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  1. What joy finding the quilt shop! You should make it a monthly trip!!