Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Liberdade aka Japantown

After being without internet for three and a half days I can finally get back to our travels. On Thursday we went to an area of town called Liberdade or Japantown. Think of Chinatown in San Francisco and you have a good idea what is there. Around early 1900's a lot of Japanese came to Brazil to work in the coffee fields. When they finished their work contract they would often come to Sao Paulo. Sao Paulo has the largest Japanese population of any city outside of Japan.

This is the beginning of the area.
I love these street lights.
The gate to the area.
There were a lot of Japanese grocery stores with items imported from Japan.
Stores that had beautiful dishes.
And all sorts of knick knacks.
At noon we went to a restaurant and had a wonderful lunch. Mike had Katsu Don and I had Oyako Don. The miso soup had 4 small clams in it. It was a very good lunch. I wouldn't mind going back again.
On a bridge I had this interesting view of Sao Paulo.
 We really had a great time in Liberdade.

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