Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Easter eggs

I was amazed at the walls they had of Panettone in the stores at Christmas time but I am really amazed at the display of Easter eggs. The other day Mike and I went to the store (I think of it as our Super Target) for some groceries. When we walked in this new display was hard to miss.
These are Easter eggs in various sizes. They appear to be about 6-8" tall and wrapped in a very colorful mylar wrapper. They are then attached to an overhead arch. See the blue and pink arch in the photo above?

 They also attached the eggs to some frame to spell out Feliz Pascoa or Happy Easter.

 They also fashioned a rabbit. There were crates and crates of the eggs placed in the aisles.

 Here you see the barber pole style design. Someone took a red one already.

 Then down that aisle the eggs are suspended overhead forming a very long, very colorful tunnel.

 All along cards are hanging which list the price of the eggs.

 This is one of the higher end eggs. That is about a $30 egg. All over were signs stating that you could buy your Easter eggs and pay them off in 10 payments with no interest charged.

 The tunnel goes on for quite a ways. I found some Kit Kat candy.

 After the tunnel we turned down the aisle and noticed bars suspended at regular intervals with eggs attached.
 All in all it made for some very colorful shopping.