Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Butatan Institute

Snakes. Lots and lots of snakes. 50,000 snakes. Although we didn't see that many snakes. We went back to the Butatan Institute and this time it was open.

There were snakes inside...
that were hard to photograph. They had some huge anacondas but they were at the back of their cage and hard to see.
Then there were snakes outside...
that were taking it easy.
This guy had a infrared thermometer on the end of his pole and was taking the temperature of several rattlesnakes. Not a job I would like to do.
There were lots of cages with monkeys. Previously they had used these in their serum development but not now.
All around one of the museums there were mosaics in the sidewalk. I thought they were so colorful and fun.
Wall mosaic.
Snakes weren't the only subject.
Isn't this colorful?
 We were glad to finally get into the museums. It was an interesting day.

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