Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Mercado Municipal

 While wandering around Sao Paulo yesterday we went to the Mercado Municipal. We think in its former self it was a bus or train station but it has been remodeled into a shopping area for food stuff. The thing that struck me first was the vibrant colors that were there.

The fruit is prime quality and arranged so beautifully. The strawberries you see were about $15 a pound. They were the fattest and loveliest strawberries I have seen. But I didn't go home with any.

So here are some pictures of this very colorful place.
 This is the view from the balcony where several restaurants are located.
 There are stained glass windows that celebrate industry at the ends of the bays. Can't you imagine this as a train station in the past?
 This is a vendor or olive oil. cheese, vinegar and other goodies.
 This shrimp was mighty tempting.
 All sorts of grains, beans and nuts are for sale. We found cashews for a cheaper price than our local street fair. We now have more than one cashew a day. Woohoo.
 I was fascinated how much they were able to pack into such a small space. They would tie string around these products and hang them from the ceiling. I saw that same technique used for olive oil, vinegar and such.
There were aisles and aisles of vendors with such a wonderful array of goods for sale. It was a very fun place to be.

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