Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Embu Redux

On Saturday we were invited to go with three other missionary couples to Embu. We had previously been there but we were game to return. We hopped on a bus and 40 minutes later we were there.

There weren't as many people shopping this time as the time before.

There were about the same number of vendors set up.

The couples we were with really did some shopping or serious looking. I saw more this time than the time before.

I really like they way this vendor had his wares displayed.

With our missionary tags on we meet many member of the church. This couple stopped to talk to us. I don't remember where they are from. We also met a family from the USA (I can't remember the state) but the kids were all going to BYU.

This little outing was our celebration of our 40th wedding anniversary. It doesn't seem like it has been that long. My parents celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary on this day not to mention by brother and his wife celebrated their 40th. It was a very good day to get married.
What was the celebratory meal? Cheeseburgers. I know, two in one week. We are really living it up.

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