Friday, August 24, 2012

Santos - Orchid Land

BB had read about a place called Orchidario. It was botanical along with some zooilogical displays.

I always get a kick out of the school kids. They all have uniforms and they always have way more energy that I do.

Running free on the grounds were these rodents called Cutia. They were about the size of an average cat.

This one figured out to just get into the feeding trough of the turtles and life was good.

This is the area where the orchids were displayed.

This was about the total of the orchid display. I wonder when orchid season is.

A few more orchids.

This pretty water feature is in the orchid building.

A peacock strutts his stuff. Too bad he didn't want to impress me.

I thought this white face duck was interesting.

This is a water fountain with a lady holding a horn that spews water upward. Many birds were gathered around it. A black hummingbird was resting on the palm fronds and taking a bath while we watched. He sure looked like he was enjoying it.

After this quiet interlude we headed off for the beach.

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  1. The cutia -- eww! The gardens look so peaceful!