Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Happenings at Home

During the temple closing most missionaries go elsewhere. Here in our apartment building I believe we are the only couple to hang around. Since not many people are here maintenance is scheduled during that time.  Yesterday they took the door off to refinish it. It was back in place around 9 p.m.

They brought in air conditioners.

They hung them in the ceilings. One in the living room and one in the bedroom. They still need to finish up the trim work. When it gets hot and humid I will be very grateful for these.

While Mike was doing battle with the IT guys to get our internet back (we are still having some issues) I was able to get a quilt cut out. It is a baby quilt. My daughter-in-law is expecting our first grandchild. It is a girl. She is going to get a very bright wonky butterfly quilt because that is what I can make with the stash I brought with me. It was great fun using a rotary cutter again.

Tomorrow they are going to turn off the power for most of the day. We are planning to go to Santos.

I want to show you what one of the temple missionaries brought us before she left town. Empanades. They were very tasty.

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