Monday, May 14, 2012

Too many bananas

When our daughter went on her mission and was in the MTC in Provo we went nuts sending her lots and lots of cookies. She sent us a letter that said, "too many cookies." This past week reminded me of that letter. We went to the street fair again on Friday. Bananas are priced by the dozen but you can get the bunch divided in half, or however many you want. We were looking at bananas and I indicated that a bunch looked pretty good, thinking that we would get half of it or about six bananas. Mike thought I wanted the whole bunch. I thought that Mike wanted the whole bunch. Both of us did not want to sound critical so neither one of us said, "Are you crazy? What are we going to do with that many bananas?"

When we got the bunch home I counted up the number of bananas and there were 17 bananas on that bunch. That is a whole lot of bananas. Plus we already had two here. I have had bananas in my oatmeal, bananas on my corn flakes and bananas as a snack. I really hate really ripe bananas so I stuck them in the fridge. I know the skins will turn black and they will look awful but they won't be over ripe. I don't like a banana that tastes too banana-y but it is different eating a cold banana. Is this what you would call going bananas?

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