Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Risking Life and Limb....really

The street the temple is located on is a busy street. It is six lanes across, but in the US they would equal about 4 lanes. The lanes are narrow and most cars are small. The two inside lanes are reserved for buses and let me tell you, the buses go speeding by. Actually the buses are not the only ones that go speeding by. The cars do to. You really have to watch out for the motorbikes. They drive on the line between the cars and they can go from a dead stop to very very fast in little time.

Here is a view of the center of the road taken from a bus stop. The first couple of days we were here Mike would have us dashing across the road. One time we had to hang out in the middle of the road (18" wide) while we waited for traffic to clear. With buses zooming by on each side it was a scary experience. After that I declared NEVER AGAIN. I now make Mike walk down to the light at the end of the block and cross there. I want to live to see my kids again.

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