Monday, May 14, 2012

Finding the Butantan Institute

Last Monday on our day off Mike wanted to see if we could find the Butantan Institute. Mike remembered visiting there when he was here before. According to the map it is located near by. Not having a printer we sketched out a rough map of how to get there. Google maps said it was 3 km and a 31 minute walk. Although it did say that some areas had no sidewalk and caution was advised.

We set off and did really well until we hit the road where a freeway ended. Getting across the road took us out of our way. We doubled back and continued on following the road signs for cars. In Sao Paulo there are very few intersections that allow left hand turns. Here three rights equal a left. So with a few detours we were back on track and finally arrived at the Institute after an hour of walking.  So much for a 31 minute walk.

We discovered that the museum was closed on Mondays as are almost every other museum we have looked into. The Institute is known for it's research into poisonous snakes and insects. They are supposed to have the largest supply of anti-venom serum. We did find an outdoor serpent habitat and were able to see a few snakes.

The Institute is located in a nature preserve and it was amazing to see the dense trees and vines that are in the middle of a busy city. There was very little traffic noise. The quiet was such a contrast to the streets we had just been on.

Our return trip was shorter knowing where not to go but it still was a challenge. We came home and collapsed. Never to budge again for the evening.

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