Thursday, May 24, 2012

Artisan Chocolate Chip Cookies

The craving for chocolate chip cookies became too much so I decided to give cookie making a shot. First I had to make my own brown sugar. 1 tablespoon of molasses blended well into 1 cup of granulated white sugar. My choice of mixing utensils was a fork or a spoon. I went with the fork. I stirred and mashed and finally got the molasses well incorporated. It looked a little anemic but I decided to go with it.

I couldn't find any shortening so I went with butter. I knew they would spread more than usual but that was OK. No chocolate chips here so I bought a large dark chocolate bar and chopped it up. Blending it all together with a fork took a little bit of work but if my pioneer ancestors could do it, so could I. Although I don't think the pioneers made chocolate chip cookies.

The next challenge was the toaster oven. I had to convert the temperature from Celsius to Fahrenheit. My cookie sheet was the drip pan that came with the oven. I covered it with foil so the clean up would be easy. The first batch of 6 burned a little on the bottom. I turned the heat down and the next batch came out a little raw. Cooked those a little longer and they looked pretty good. The last six I cooked just right. I think they look a lot like the cookies and cream ice cream with the slivered chocolate.

I think the dough tasted better than  the finished product. The cookies were pretty good but cooking in a toaster oven is not that great. But since so much of the recipe was made from scratch I call these my artisan cookies.

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