Thursday, May 24, 2012

Sights on a walk

Every day Mike and I try to get in some exercise. My favorite thing to do is to  go walking. We look at a map and see if there is anything interesting to go look at or if we just want to walk down a different street. On this day we went to see a park that was close by. When we got to the park there was no entrance to it and no trails. So we continued down the road to see the sights.

We came upon a granite yard.

They had large slabs of granite.

Smaller tiles of granite.

Granite in lights and darks.

What interested me was the man out polishing a slab with just a hand sander. No big computer driven machine here.

I have mentioned before about security devices. How about this one for do it yourself security?

We saw some poorer homes not too far from

                                                                                   the more expensive condos.

I really like the colorful colors of some homes. These are more the exception than the norm.
Notice the blue sky? That was a glorious day to be out and about.

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