Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Season's Greetings....

About mid-November DH had his hours cut in half. He is a PhD. civil engineer who contracts all of his time with a defense contractor. Our house is paid for, our cars are paid for, and the only debt we have is our Costco AMX card which we use as a checking account and pay it off every month. Hey, if they are going to give me money back I'll take it. With this slash in income DH says it is a great time to see if we can live on what he now makes because that is the amount he planned on retiring on. OK, but does that mean I have to cut my quilt budget in half? This may be painful.

But that is not the reason I am telling you all of this. Today someone hit our car in a parking lot and then left no information. Our insurance has a $500 deductible and the total repair will be about $750. Nice time to be forking out 500 smackers. Speaking of which I would love to smack the other driver. Not really, but I can dream can't I?


  1. Dream away! That sucks, my poor van has gotten hit/side swiped/backed into in parking lots, never once information. Damn thing is cursed.

  2. I'd feel like smacking him/her, too. Probably didn't have insurance. Don't cut your quilting, sell your extra stuff on etsy, then by more fabric!

  3. Hope you're doing ok with the pay cut. I guess with someone hitting your car . . I can only hope it did twice as much damage to their car. Last week when Chad was coming home from school, he saw a guy in a pickup hit a car and then take off. Chad was able to get his license number and called the local police to report it. The police called Chad back a few days later to let him know they caught the guy and thanked Chad for being responsible! Too bad someone didn't do the same for you.