Wednesday, December 16, 2009

My Gift to my Quilt Buds

I have a quilt group that meets once a week. We have been getting together for over 20 years. There are 14 of us but not all are usually there. We love to sew, chat, laugh, eat, share and in general have a good time. Most of us consider it our therapy time. Every year at Christmas time we trade gifts. They are usually something quilty but not always. We really look forward to it because these are gifts given by people who understand and know what is liked.

This year I decided to give a set of quilt block labels after watching one friend use masking tape on her quilt to indicate row and block number. First in my word processor I made up sets indicating row and block number. I figured that 20 blocks across for each row would be sufficient and then have 20 rows.

I then photocopied the labels onto card stock with each row having a different color. Then I laminated the printed pages.

After cutting out the strips I punched a 5/8" hole (I picked up the puncher at a scrapbooking store) in each label. I had bazillions of those little dots end up all around the house.

Then I cut the strips into individual labels and put them in numerical order and loaded them on a binder ring. Since each set had 400 labels I had to use two of the 2" rings. Rows 1-10 were on one ring and rows 11-20 were on the other.

When they were all done they were so colorful. It really did take a lot of time doing so many sets but luckily DH decided that he would help and I was sooooo grateful.

To see how the labels are used look at this post.

Today was the party and the ladies really loved them, especially the one who had used masking tape. All in all it was a gift that was very well received.


  1. Perfect gift to be used and enjoyed! Guess mine got lost in the mail - LOL (remember me, Penny?)

  2. What a lovely, useful gift Penny! I love it as I am sure all the recipients did!

    Bizzy Lizzy

  3. Could you show a picture of the tags being used on the quilt? How do you attach the tag to the quilt block/rows? Great Idea!!

    Debbie Myers