Sunday, December 27, 2009

How Block Labels Work

I am not sure how to go back and edit an older post. I know there is an edit button for it, but if I edit it and then push the publish post button will it leave it in the same order as published (date wise) or will it move it up to the date I edited it? Still trying to figure this out.

Anyway......Debbie wanted to see how the labels actually work. So I took a picture. Basically you pin the label to the block with the pin going in and out of the hole that is punched. You want to use a longer pin so the label won't slip off the pin. Can you see?

The colors in this block are really better than they look. It was overexposed and after tweeking it the colors are different, but you can see the pin....hopefully.


  1. The order of your posts will stay the same unless you change the date or the time. You can do this by clicking on POST OPTIONS at the bottom of your editing screen.

  2. I was just going to tell you exactly what Robin did. It's the same as a sticky post, change the date to when you want the post to start moving down in order.