Saturday, April 14, 2012

MTC places and people

We spent the first two weeks of April in and around the MTC (that's stands for Missionary Training Center). Our group of senior missionaries was one of the largest and numbered 93. We were divided into districts. Most had 8 - 4 couples. But when they got to the end of the alphabet they ran out of rooms and teachers so our group totaled 15. We had six couples and three single sisters. These people came from everywhere and were going everywhere.

Mike and I spent a lot of time with our Portuguese tutor Daniel Benson. He is off to law school at Duke in the fall. He was so patient with me. When I had a meltdown or two he picked me up, dusted me off, and then we got back to work learning Portuguese.

The spring flowers were out and they were just beautiful.

David Archuleta was in the MTC. Many were star struck but the guy was just trying to keep a low profile. One lady in our group asked if she could take a picture and he said he would rather not. Poor guy had to deal with that alot. I took pictures of flowers instead of David.

The week we spent training at the temple was wonderful. There were 25 of us temple missionaries. 12 couples and one single sister. Two couples were off to Cebu City Philippines Temple, one to the Freiberg Germany Temple, another to the Santiago Chile Temple. The single sister was going to Madrid Spain. Several couples were going to Washington DC temple and one to the Manhattan temple. They were a great bunch of people. No picture of the group.

We had a great time but were anxious to get on with our adventure.

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