Thursday, June 7, 2012

Produce store

One of the great blessings of being here is associating with other North American missionaries who have been here for awhile. They share where you can find stuff you might be looking for. We were shown a great produce store. Every time I walk into that store and see all the wonderful colors I want to make a quilt.

There is the usual produce that I am familiar with:
Aren't these beautiful?



Papaya and Avocados



Apple Bananas
 These mini bananas taste just like apples, or so I am told. I haven't tried them yet. They are more expensive than apples so what is the point?

Then there is some produce I have no idea what you would do with:
 These look like hairy cucumbers.
At first I thought these were star fruit but they are peppers. I don't think they are very hot.

One of my favorite finds are these tangerines. They are very wrinkly and they peel very easily. They have great flavor. We buy a lot of these.
For sure we are not starving here in Brazil. Love the produce.

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