Thursday, June 14, 2012

An anniversary of sorts

Two months ago today we arrived in Brazil. The language is getting better, slowly. Slowly being the operative word. The other day I was in the temple and a new (to me) temple worker came up to me and asked me a question. I had no idea what she was talking about so I gave her the deer in headlights look, shook my head and said I didn't understand. She went off and pretty soon she was back. Now she says to me in Portuguese, really, really slow: They---- told---- me--- you--- can--- understand--- if---- I talk ---really -- slow. (which she was) Have --- you --- seen --- the --- coordinator? I had just seen the coordinator go into the bathroom so I told her so. She left a happy camper and minutes later I saw them together. I guess I have a reputation. But it really made me laugh thinking about how slow she was talking but I guess it was effective since I did understand. I am getting better each day and am making connections with certain people who will take the time and trouble to talk with me. Let's face it - I am work.

We work five days a week in the temple for eight hours a day. Since those eight hours span a meal we always eat either lunch or dinner, depending on our schedule, in the temple cafeteria. We make that our main meal of the day. The other meal is a sandwich or something light. On Sundays when we are at the MTC we eat in the cafeteria there. So basically I cook only one meal a week. What is not to like about that?

We really enjoy the company of other North American missionaries here. There are three doctors and their wives, one lawyer and his wife, and a couple of accountants with their wives. We get together every Sunday when we go the the MTC to serve/work with the missionaries there and then on Monday nights we have Family Home Evening together. They are the nicest people ever.

Time is going by so fast. I need to put more effort into studying the language. I don't want to come home with regrets. This is really a great experience.

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