Sunday, June 24, 2012

A funny story

The background: In certain areas of my assignmnet I do really well because there is a set dialog. I have that memorized and while in Provo my tutor really worked with me and would not let me get lazy and slide over pronunciation. I sound really good. In fact the other day a patron thought I was Brazilian because I sounded so good.

On Saturday night I was waiting with a new missionary sister who just arrived from the states. She had previously served a two year mission in Brazil and was back for more. She has language skills....she can speak and understand Portuguese. Anyway while we were waiting for our husbands to come this sweet Brazilian sister who I had been working with earlier, approaches me and starts talking. I am picking up a word or two here and there. I know she is telling me I something about my speaking but not a whole lot of anything else. I smiled, nodded, said thank you and then did the cheek to cheek, kiss the air thing and she left happy.

My friend asked if I got any of what she said. I admitted I did not get a whole lot of it. She laughed and said the sister was telling me how well I had picked up the language in such a short period of time and how I didn't need to have any worries about learning the language. Well I got a laugh out of that. Would that qualify as irony?

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  1. Pen,
    I so enjoyed your posts, I was able to review all of them. I remember so well that it was 6 months before I could be turned loose with someone that did not speak Portugese that well. What a joy it must be to be in Brasil with all the great people and food. I would eat feijuoda (sp) every week.