Sunday, May 1, 2011

Week 18 Stash Report - 2011

Fabric in this week:     0 yd.
Fabric in YTD:         32 yds.

Fabric out this week:   0 yds.
Fabric out YTD:         85.75 yds.

Stash busted:    53.75 yds.

If you would like to see how others are doing check out Judy's blog.

I did a whole lot of quilting this week. One queen size quilt for hire plus 2 twin charity quilts. No pictures to share. Then I did a lot of sewing. I sewed my jelly rolls into strip sets and cut the strips into wedges for one quilt. Here are a few hexagons that are sewn up. I am having fun with this. I won't count the fabric as used until I have the top put together.

I found a pattern that I want to make from my stash that requires 720 half-square triangles. To make sure they are uniform I want to use the foundation paper. I checked my collection of Thangles and did not have the right size. I checked my collection of Triangles on a Roll and did not have the right size. I suppose I could go buy some but I got to thinking. Why couldn't I use EQ7 and draw up what I need as a block and then just print it out. It only has the cutting lines and I used my 1/4" foot as the guide.

I really like doing triangles this way. They are so stable especially when you press them before you remove the paper. I tried a sample and it worked! Yes. I think I will do a sheet or two of triangles every day and just stockpile them until I have enough. Sounds like a plan to me. (12 down, 708 to go)

Hope you have a great week QFF*!

Remember, we do this for fun..


  1. Holy cow, but that's a lot of triangles. Sounds like a sheet or 2 a day would be a good way to do it. Good luck. DO we get to see what all those triangles are for?

  2. Clever idea to use EQ7 for the half square triangles. Your hexagon quilt looks like it will be cute.

  3. I love your hexagon quilt! Good luck with the triangles! I love the look of quilts made with HST, but I don't think I'd have the patience for 720!