Saturday, January 1, 2011

Quilty Goals for 2011

It seems I just got used to typing 2010 and now I am going to have to change. I hope you have a great year with lots of fun in quilting endeavors.

I wanted to be a part of Judy's UFO challenge but honestly, I don't have a lot of UFOs. Certainly not 12. I seem to finish what I start...I know, kind of crazy but that is the way I roll. I also want to work on what I choose so I didn't join. I read with interest Kelly's MUF ("Masterpieces Under Fermentation") challenge, but it really isn't a challenge. It is a way to look at things. As I analyzed my attitude toward quilting I remembered that when I was active on the quilting forum my tag line was "Remember, we do this for fun." So many quilters would stress over things that really didn't matter. I have decided that I am going to reclaim that tag line and dedicate this year to QFF. That stands for Quilting For Fun. It is very similar to Kelly's philosophy but the word fermentation doesn't appeal to me. So instead of BFF I will be doing QFF. 

I seem to do much better at remembering what I want to do when I have a list. Therefore I am going to list in no particular order what I would like to accomplish in 2011. I read someone else call this a bucket list for the year. I like that. I may or may not accomplish all of this and I reserve the right to throw in a fun quilt that may catch my eye. After all, I am QFF.

To finish:
1. Basket quilt
2. Polka Dot Blossoms wallhanging
3. String me along quilt
4. Ashcombe 1
5. Ashcombe 2

Not started yet but have the fabric:
1. Star Crazy quilt - Moda Hoopla
2. Tumbling Triangles - Moda Dilly Dally
3. Ashcombe 3 - Riley Blake Sweet Divinity
4. Churn Dash quilt
5. Christmas tree skirt
6. Christmas tree quilt

Have the pattern but no fabric:
1. Stars and Sprigs
2. Tropical Rainbow
3. Nativity wallhangings - 5
4. Hexagon (Merry Go Round) Halloween quilt

One twin quilt per month

Have a Great year. What are your goals?

Remember, we do this for fun.

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  1. We do this for fun---EXACTLY!! Good luck in the new year, I am going to have fun too.