Sunday, January 2, 2011

Week 1 Stash Report - 2011

Fabric in this week:     0 yd.
Fabric in YTD:     0 yds.

Fabric out this week:   0 yds.
Fabric out YTD:      0 yds.

Stash busted:   0 yds.

If you would like to see how others are doing check out Judy's blog.

OK, I really had talked myself out of doing the Stash Report this year. Then I had this comment on last weeks report:
"I'll be continuing with the stashbusting and reporting - somehow, it just helps in stash management. And, there is nothing wrong with stash enhancement & management.;-)
Liz "
 Liz hit it on the head. I like that thought. Stash management. I will shop my stash first and buy when needed. Knowing I will have to report does keep my buying more in control. So thank you Liz! You have kept me going.

I have been in Mesa, AZ for almost a week. It has been cold here but it is even colder back home. I have picked boxes and boxes or oranges to take home. Nothing like a tree ripened orange.

I brought along a couple of my jelly rolls and got a project cut out. I will not start sewing up the blocks until I get home. I hate to start a project on one sewing machine and then finish it on another. It just never works out well for me. I cut out Oh My Stars quilt that is on the cover of the Sizzlin Sixties book from Anka's Treasures. I used the Hoopla jelly rolls I got for Christmas. Of course I am going to make it bigger than the pattern dictates. Would you expect anything less?

I have finished prepping all the leaves for the basket quilt. I will continue working on that when I get home. That will be my main focus for the month of January.

I do have to comment about our Vicky. I love her stash reports. I love her choice of fabrics and the phenomenal stash she has built up. To tell the truth I am sooo envious. You go Vicky! Keep it up.

So here is to a great year of QFF*!
Remember, we do this for fun.


  1. You're too sweet. Retirement is a few short years away, and I think I have enough to keep me going for quite some time.

    Love that quilt on the cover of Anka's Treasures! Will be watching your progress on it. This is going to be a great year for both of us!!

  2. Stash management - and fun: great recipe for 2011! Happy sewing!

  3. You're welcome!

    I've found that I am very good with coming up with justifications for actions - must have been all though years of doing budgets and audits!

    So, glad you are back for another year of stash management reports.