Thursday, September 16, 2010

Double Wedding Ring is a top!

Let the celebration begin. The Double Wedding Ring is now a top. Woo Hoo! I finished it this afternoon. Happy Dance, HAPPY DANCE!!!! You can't tell I am excited, can you. It has been a long haul. I believe I started doing some work on it in March. I have doggedly plodded along when it seemed the end was nowhere in sight. 2,094 circles, 288 petals and lots and lots of pieces later, it has all come together.

I had quite a time wrestling with it as I had to sew the rows together and then applique the pink circle in the middle of the corner joints. I kept reminding myself that I did not have to do it fast, just that I had to do it. There's that plodding along again. One trick that made it easier was to lower and place my ironing board to the immediate left of my sewing machine. Having a cloth top it kept the quilt top from sliding off and I didn't have to chase it all over the place.

Here is a teaser photo of the top. I want to get it quilted before I show it all spread out in its glory. My goal is to quilt it in October. I have quilts I need to quilt before this goes on the machine.

Oh, I am so happy because now I will get to count 14 yards out and I will be in the black again. Happy day.


  1. Oh my gosh, this is the most beautiful quilt. The colors are so relaxing and freshing at the same time. I just totally love it. In my mind when you can make a double wedding ring quilt you are an accomplished quilter. So CONGRATS and yes be exicited because you DID it. That's a lot of pieces!

  2. I meant to say refreshing. I was too excited for you to type correctly! hehehe!!

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  4. This is so beautiful! Can't wait to see it finished:)