Sunday, April 18, 2010

You Want Postage Stamp?

I'll give you a Postage Stamp quilt. Kare is the moderator of a Yahoo group that trades 1.5" squares and they make Postage Stamp quilts and lots of other quilts using those squares. She loved my Triple Irish Chain quilt so she posted a link to my blog. I was so flattered that it was pointed out to that group. The mention of Postage Stamp quilts brought to mind one that I had made several years ago.

I call this quilt my "beer" quilt. No, you do not have to be drunk to make it. The title makes my friends do a double take because they know I do not drink alcohol of any type. Years ago Anheiser Busch had an ad with a mother talking to her little girl about drinking responsibly. On the wall behind them was a quilt similar to this. It puzzled me for years how to do it until I saw a postage stamp quilt. Bing! I found a pattern in Quick Quilts From Your Scrap Bag (by Leisure Arts) that had it all laid out on point, only in a different color. I wanted the soft muted colors that were in the add. I bought fabric (lots of fat quarters) and put it together. It turned out just like I wanted. Enjoy!
I machine quilted this on my Bernina. (That was back in the day.)

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