Sunday, April 11, 2010

Stash Report - April 11, '10

Fabric in this week:      0 yds.
Fabric in YTD:     23.25 yds.

Fabric out this week:      0 yds.
Fabric out YTD:      31.25 yds.

Stash busted:   8 yds.

If you would like to see how others are doing check out Judy's blog.
 Nothing in and nothing out that can be counted. I finished piecing the Shakespeare in the park and the top is done. All of that fabric has been counted. I put a Triple Irish Chain on the machine. I counted that backing last year so no new numbers to add. I am more than half way through quilting the TIC. I have been practicing my freehand feathers. I have two borders done (I am so happy with how they have turned out) and will have to wait and turn the quilt for the final two. I chickened out on the feathered wreaths and used a stencil. This quilt was all from stash except for the plain green. Pretty good. 
Next week I hope to show this one finished and the Shakespeare one on the machine. We shall see how it goes.
OK, let's get stash busting!


  1. Your Triple Irish Chain is beautiful...I made one several years ago and never let it go. The pattern is ageless and perfect for stash busting.

  2. Yep, I agree with Jamie: your TIP is beautiful and so is the quilting that can be seen! Hope you will post a S in the park photo soon...

  3. I love the TIP, I need to make one of those, it is one of my all time favs. I think the quilting is pretty. How long have you been long arm quilting?

  4. I ordered that book and can't wait to get it. The quilting you have done on the triple irish chain is beautiful. I love feathers of any kind.