Sunday, April 25, 2010

Stash Report - April 25, '10

Fabric in this week:      .75 yds.
Fabric in YTD:     36.5 yds.

Fabric out this week:      1.5 yds.
Fabric out YTD:      39.75 yds.

Stash busted:   3.25 yds.

If you would like to see how others are doing check out Judy's blog.
I bought 3/4 of a yard to bind the Shakespeare in the Park but I used it immediately. I also forgot to count the binding on the Triple Irish Chain last week so out goes 1 1/2 yards. Yea! I'm still in the black. 

This week was a good one. I finished quilting SITP, (#4 for the year) got it blocked and bound. For quilting I used the Circle Lord. The crosshatching was ruler work. This pattern is in the Creative Pattern Book (by Judy Martin) only I changed it a bit. The pattern is only two colors and I did three. It also has asymetric coloring and setting (5 x 6) which bothered me. I made the quilt 6 x 6 which added more blocks and would have made it too big. To compensate for the added size I reduced the blocks from a 12" to a 10" block. I am really happy with how this turned out.
Are you ready for some pictures? 

Close up:

Star and snail block close up:

I love the backing I used. I looked all over for green and purple fabric and finally came across this one that had happy birds. I figured the birds fit in with the "in the park" theme.
Now I need to get working on my double wedding ring and the Jelly Girl. Gotta have something to show for next week. 
I hope we all have a great week of stash busting.


  1. You are in the black - and your SITP is beautiful! Thanks for sharing some pictures.
    Happy stash busting!

  2. I love your SITP so much I ordered the book. I can't wait to get started on it. I also picked up another book by Judy Martin, Stellar Quilts, and there are some great things in it too. Thanks for the inspiration.

  3. Because of YOU, I bought that book so I could make a SITP too...HOPE YOU ARE HAPPY

    ...cause I am :)