Monday, November 5, 2012

An Overview of Sao Paulo

This morning I had the opportunity to go back downtown. One friend was looking for artificial flowers and another was looking for beads to make necklaces. While we were making our way there we passed a bank that has an observation deck. Noting that the line was almost nonexistent we decided to go up and have a look.

This is the building from a little ways off. Only 5 people are allowed on the deck at a time and observers are given five minutes.

Luckily there were just five of us. We were surprised that our Brazilian guide had never been up to the top.

Oh my heavens. What a view. It was breathtaking.

I just started taking pictures as I walked around the deck. You could only go one way.

I loved the colors of these buildings.

So many buildings.

This side had some green trees.

You can see some higher hills in the background and a very large roadway in the foreground.

This is the Municipal Mercado that I wrote about earlier. (The light brick building with the arched windows.)

This street I found very interesting because it is so straight. There are not many straight streets around here.

I thought the top of this building was interesting.

And then I was back around to where I started. It was a very wonderful experience. Now I need to get Mike to come and take a look. I think it is well worth the effort.

The city is gearing up for the Christmas season. Santa is mounted on the street light poles. The big red blob in the lower left was a giant Santa that was unveiled that morning. I suppose the Christmas season has begun. They don't have Thanksgiving to hold them back.

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