Saturday, October 27, 2012

Not an Enrichment meeting

A Brazilian friend from the MTC invited the American sisters to a Relief Society enrichment meeting, but we don't call it enrichment meeting anymore. This was the Sao Paulo Vila Sonia ward. It is not the ward  that meets next to the temple but about a mile away. The sisters were making things for Christmas.

They were making napkin rings and beaded netting that they place over pitchers of juice, salads, desserts, etc to keep the bugs off the food. (See previous post about bugs.)

We learned how to do the beading and it was really quite simple.

You can see there were quite a few people were there. The sister in the coral shirt had just returned from a three week trip to the U.S. The sister next to her speaks wonderful English. She helped us with our Portuguese and our beading.

We shared lots of laughs and great conversation. It was a very enjoyable evening. The next meeting is scheduled for the end of November and we are invited. I wonder what they will be doing at that one.

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  1. I can remember the glass scarves from when I was a kid. I wish I still had those, but I think Mom got rid of them when the house was air conditioned. When she poured glasses of milk, juice, tea, whatever, for a meal, they were placed over each glass and over the pitcher. Thanks for the great memory!