Friday, October 26, 2012

Election Time

Before I begin I must apologize for not writing. To be truthful I hate to write and I have been reading a lot plus I have won over 600 games in a row of free cell. (I said I would be truthful) Anyway someone asked if I was all right since I hadn't written for awhile. To that I say Sorrrrrrrry.

With the Presidential election campaigning going on in the United States I am glad I am not there. The news slant and campaign ads just make me angry. I do get to vote absentee by way of the internet. How cool is that?

Here is Brazil it is election time also. It is not national election time but the races are local. Sao Paulo is deciding on a mayor and some city council people. It is interesting because voting in Brazil is obligatory. When a person votes they are given a card that certifies that and many employers require proof of voting. From what I understand a voter must return to the place where they originally registered to vote. There is no absentee voting either. Election day is a Sunday and people make it a family day often returning to their original homes.

Look at the signs and notice anything different? Yup, those numbers are larger than the names. Something that I find interesting is that voting is done by numbers and not names. On the ballot the candidates are listed by number and not by name. I was told that here in the city voting is done on computers. You click on a number and a page opens up with a picture of the candidate and the name. If that is the one you want you choose to cast your vote for him or if not you close that window.

The primary was held two weeks ago and this Sunday is the general because no one received over 51%. Someone said there are lots and lots of different parties here. Not like the US's main two. When the primary was held the streets were littered with business card size flyers from the candidates with their number and picture. I guess they wanted something a voter could easily take along into the voting booth.

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