Friday, December 21, 2012


Around the middle of November these big displays started showing up in all the grocery stores. The displays had boxes and boxes of panettone.

This display was at the entrance of the store. There were walls and walls of these cakes.

There are many different kinds of panettone. Some with bits of dried fruit, some with chocolate chips, some with filling of Dulce de Leite, some with a filling of chocolate pudding. They range in price from around R$5 to R$35.

One day I was talking (very limited) to a sister in the temple and I asked her what they were. They are Christmas Cakes. She said they were very good. She was surprised to know that they were not available in the States and that I had never heard of them.

The next week she brought me one. It is really more like a sweet bread than a cake. They are very tasty. Better than fruit cake as we know it. I later sampled one with Dulce de Leite filling. Now that was a slice of heaven.

It is now a few days before Christmas and most of these cakes are gone. I am amazed at how many are sold. Definitely, they are a very popular Christmas treat.


  1. They are available in the states, but usually at specialty shops. Love the fruit panettones!

  2. I forgot to send you wishes for a wonderful Christmas!!!