Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Why Is It....

that when working from your stash you run out of the fabric you need and then you don't have anything to substitute? I am trying to get Flowers Forever finished. I cut out the background fabric about two years ago. What was I thinking? Why cut out the background fabric before doing any of the applique prep? Since it is pattern specific I figured it was time to get the quilt done and off my To Do list.

I was able to get all the pretty flowers and baskets cut out and the spray starch prep finished. I put them in baggies to keep them separate.

Then when I moved onto the boring leaves I discovered that I did not have enough of the green fabrics that I had pulled from my stash.
*sigh* I guess I will have to hit the fabric store sooner than I thought.

In the olden days of quilting it seems the fabrics played nicer together. One fabric manufacturer goods would match another manufacturers goods. Today I find you almost have to stick with in one line to get it to work. Hopefully it won't be painful but one can never tell.

I am rather miffed since I was making such progress. Just another bump in the road on the way to completion.

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